In Appreciation of Life

Free movies on a flight have always been a time to experiment. Not that my significant other appreciates my choice of movies during the regular days, but more so for the freedom to skip over to another movie, in the case of the movie falling below expectation. Plus there is nothing better to kill the time in the clouds.

Grave of the Fireflies - A Japanese anti-war movie - has been on my list since 2005 but never materialized. IMO  this movie should be watched by everyone, who have not seen the social effects of war. It tingles the very fabric that makes you human. Life is not a given comfort of abundance. Aiming high is good, but disregarding the blessing of life is bad; not appreciating the available luxury is worse.

Extending this from war to the current Tsunami - and you  know that the story is being repeated even today. It is possible to help the affected people of Japan. You don't need me to remind you of this duty. It should need no encouragement but your own desire to share your blessing of life.

Global Giving

Well Done Rajnikanth


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